*** Concept about GPON Quad Play****

Fig: GPON Quad Play Architecture

The proposed quad play structure is not like traditional tripe play architecture. The Video signal and the ISP’s connection will combinely enter into a MUX and the modulated signal will enter into OLT. The OLT will propagate the modulated signal towards the ONTs. And as usual from the ONT’s ethernet port, the user will receive the signals. In traditional triple play, OLT did the modulation and OLT becomes busier and its uses was high, but in Quad play architecture the modulation was done in MUX, for that the OLT does not spent time for modulation.

GPON technology’s background, problems to deploy GPON technology, properties of GPON technology, my objective, methodology and also outline of this thesis paper are discussed. In GPON networks there are some infrastructures such as OLTs, ODFs, Splitters and ONT/ONUs.

To implement triple play, it is very much important to choose technology. GPON technology is better than any other technologies like EPON, APON, BPON, GEPON P2P Ethernet, etc. To secure GPON network, it has been considered the following attributes: availability, confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation. Deploying GPON technology by FTTx network is still a challenging issue. But, nowadays the whole world is going to deploy GPON technology.