Welcome to gpontutorials – a blog that provides useful tips about gpon in an easy to understand format.

Md. Hayder Ali, My name is Md. Hayder Ali and I am a not full-time professional blogger. Previously.

I have about 10 years’ experience in IT industries. I am working with National University as an assistant system analyst. I am a core member of network planning, operation and management team in National University.

I have got my B.Sc and M.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering, M.Sc in Information and  Communication Technology, Commonwealth Executive MBA and now a Ph.D research fellow in Computer Science & Engineering. I was a fellow of APAN, SANOG and bdREN. I have more than 23 National and International training, 14 publications and 6 international conference speakers including SANOG, APRICOT, APAN.

Why GPON Tutorials:

The main purpose of this site is to provide readers with an idea about GPON tips.

This site is basically for the following people:

  1. GPON learner.
  2. ISP’s engineers who are deploying FTTx by GPON Technology.
  3. University Researchers (Under graduate and Post Graduate Students)
  4. GPON Trouble shooters.
  5. Network Managers who want to monitor their networks by some tools.