Adding Port Description-HUAWEI

********Adding Port Description-GPON********

Plan the format of user port description as “community ID-building ID-floor ID/shelf ID-slot ID-port ID”. “Community ID-building ID-floor ID” indicates the physical location where the user terminal is deployed, and shelf ID-slot ID-port ID” indicates the physical port on the local device that is connected to the user terminal. This plan can present the user terminal location and the connection between the user terminal and the device, which facilitates query in maintenance. Assume that the user terminal that is connected to port 0/2/0 of the MA5600T is deployed in floor 1, building 01 of community A. To add port description according to the plan, do as follows:

OLT(config)#port desc 0/2/0 description it's a description
OLT(config)#display port desc 0/2/0
   F/ S/ P   IMA Group   Port Description                     
   0/ 2/ 0   -           it's a description                       


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