Assigning an IP Address to the Telnet Server>HUAWEI-Switch

***Assigning an IP Address to the Telnet Server***

First create a VLAN and specify the range of VLANIF interfaces. Then, you can enter the specified VLAN interface view to assign the IP address for a Telnet connection. Regardless of whether the S-switch functions as the server or client, the S-switch must be assigned an IP address and connected to other devices through VLANIF interfaces.


  1. Run the system-view command to enter the system view.
  2. Run the vlan vlan-id command to create a VLAN and enter the VLAN view.
  3. Run the port interface-type { interface-number [ to interface-number ] } &<1-10> command to configure VLANIF interfaces.
  4. Run the quit command to return to the system view.
  5. Run the interface vlanif vlan-id command to enter the VLANIF interface view.
  6. Run the ip address ip-address { mask | mask-length } command to assign an IP address to the VLANIF interface.


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