Card Delete in ZTE ZXA10 C220 OLT-ZTE Delete in ZTE ZXA10 C220 OLT Delete in ZTE ZXA10 C220 OLT

***Card Delete in ZTE ZXA10 C220 OLT***

Please make sure that network device works normally.

Please log in to the ZXA10 C220 through HyperTerminal or Telnet.


When a card in a slot is replaced with a card of another type, delete the card and configure it again.

The control switching cards cannot be deleted.

Task-1: Enter the configure terminal command to enter global configuration mode.

Task-2: Enter the del-card command to delete card.

Task-3: Enter the show card command to query card configuration.



 ***Configuration Steps***

Delete the card in slot 3.

OLT-1#configure terminal

OLT-1(config)#del-card slotno 3

Confirm to delete card? [yes/no]:yes

OLT-1(config)#show card



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