Configuration Example of Ethernet CFM OAM-HUAWEI

********Ethernet CFM OAM Configuration*******

  1. Create a VLAN.The VLAN ID is 100, and the VLAN is a smart VLAN.
    OLT(config)#vlan 100 smart
  2. Add an upstream port to the VLAN.Add port 0/19 to VLAN 100.
    OLT(config)#port vlan 100 0/19 0
  3. (Optional) Set the native VLAN of the port.This step is to set the packets of the upstream Ethernet port to or not to carry the VLAN tag. Whether the native VLAN needs to be set for the upstream port depends on whether the upper-layer device connected to the upstream port supports packets carrying a VLAN tag. The setting on the MA5600T must be the same as that on the upper-layer device. In this example, and the packets are of the untagged type.
    OLT(config)#interface scu 0/19
    OLT(config-if-scu-0/9)#native-vlan 0 100
  4. Configure an MD.
    • MDs with the same index or level cannot be created.
    • The name format and the name of an MD must be unique.
    • The total length of the names of an MD and its MAs cannot be longer than 44 characters.
    OLT(config)#cfm md 2 name-format string huawei level 3
  5. Configure an MA.
    • The system supports up to 4096 MAs and each MD can be configured with up to 48 MAs. That is, if an MD is configured with 4096 MAs, the other MDs in the system cannot be configured with any MA. An MA of a non-existing MD cannot be created. An existing MA cannot be created again.
    • The total length of the names of an MD and its MAs cannot be longer than 44 characters.
    • The interval for the MA to transmit CCMs is 10 minute. By default, the interval is 1 minute.
    OLT(config)#cfm ma 2/6 name-format string cfmhuawei cc-interval 10m
  6. Configure an MEP.
    • MEP refers to the maintenance association end points. Ethernet CFM OAM is used to test the link connectivity by using the MEPs at the two ends of a maintenance channel.
    • By default, the MEP management function is enabled, the priority of sending CFM packets is 7, and the function of sending CC packets is enabled.
    OLT(config)#cfm mep 2/6/0 direction down port 0/19/0 priority 7
  7. Configure an RMEP.By default, the detection function of the RMEP is disabled.
    OLT(config)#cfm remote-mep-detect enable
  8. Enable the local CFM globally. By default, the local CFM is disabled globally.
    OLT(config)#cfm enable
  9. Enable the detection function of the remote MEP detection globally. By default, the remote MEP detection is disabled globally.
    OLT(config)#cfm remote-mep-detect enable
  10. Save the data.


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