Configuration of the HWTACACS Authentication (Management User)-HUAWEI

*******HWTACACS Authentication (Management User)********

  1. Configure the authentication scheme.Configure authentication scheme named login-auth (users are authenticated through HWTACACS).
    OLT(config-aaa)#authentication-scheme login-auth
    OLT(config-aaa-authen-login-auth)#authentication-mode hwtacacs
  2. Configure the HWTACACS protocol.Create HWTACACS server template named ma56t-login with HWTACACS server as the primary authentication server, and HWTACACS server as the secondary authentication server.
    OLT(config)#hwtacacs-server template ma56t-login
      Create a new HWTACACS-server template
    OLT(config-hwtacacs-ma56t-login)#hwtacacs-server authentication 1812
    OLT(config-hwtacacs-ma56t-login)#hwtacacs-server authentication 1812 secondary
  3. Create a domain named isp1.


    • A domain is a group of users of the same type.
    • In the user name format userid@domain-name (for example,, “userid” indicates the user name for authentication and “domain-name” followed by “@” indicates the domain name.
    • The domain name for user login cannot exceed 15 characters, and the other domain names cannot exceed 20 characters.
    OLT(config-aaa)#domain isp1
      Info: Create a new domain
  4. Use the authentication scheme login-auth. You can use an authentication scheme in a domain only after the authentication scheme is created.
    OLT(config-aaa-domain-isp1)#authentication-scheme login-auth
  5. Bind the HWTACACS server template ma56t-login to the user.You can use a HWTACACS server template in a domain only after the HWTACACS server template is created.
    OLT(config-aaa-domain-isp1)#hwtacacs-server ma56t-login


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