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***Configuring the AAA Local Authentication Mode for Login Users***

Step-1: Follow the system-view command to enter the system view.

Step-2: Follow the user-interface { 0 | console 0 } command to enter the user interface view.

Step-3: Follow the authentication-mode aaa command to configure the Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) authentication mode.

Step-4: Follow the quit command to return to the system view.

Step-5: Follow the aaa command to enter the AAA view.

Step-6: Follow the local-user user-name password { simple | cipher } password command to create the local username and password.

Step-7: (Optional) Follow the local-user user-name service-type { ftp | ppp | ssh | telnet | terminal } *command to set the service type for local users.

Step-8: Follow the local-user user-name level level command to set the user level.

Step-9: Follow the authentication-scheme authentication-scheme-name command to create an authentication scheme and enter the authentication scheme view.

Step-10: Follow the authentication-mode local command to set the AAA local authentication mode.


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