Configuration of the Link Aggregation-ZTE

*****Link Aggregation Configuration-ZTE GPON****

♦Please make sure that the network device works normally.

♦Make sure that uplink ports work normally.

♦Please log in to the ZXA10 C220 through Hyper Terminal or Telnet.

Task-1: Follow the configure terminal command to enter global configuration mode.

Task-2: Follow the interface smartgroup command to configure smartgroup.

Task-3: Follow the smartgroup load-balance command to configure load-balance mode.

♦Based on source IP address

♦Based on destination IP address

♦Based on source and destination IP addresses

♦Based on source MAC address

♦Based on destination MAC address


Task-4: Follow the interface command to configure interface configuration mode.

Task-5: Follow smartgroup mode command to configure smartgroup port and mode.


On: The port runs static trunk. Both end of the aggregated link should be set to the on mode.

Active: The port runs LACP in active negotiation mode.

Passive: The port runs LACP in passive negotiation mode.

Task-6: Follow the show lacp internal command to query smartgroup configuration.

Configuration File>>


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