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***Configuration of the RSA Authentication Mode for SSH Login Users***


  1. Run the system-view command to enter the system view.
  2. Run the rsa local-key-pair create command to create a local RSA key pair.
  3. Run the aaa command to enter the AAA view.
  4. Run the local-user user-name password { simple | cipher } password command to create local users.
  5. Run the local-user user-name service-type ssh command to configure the local user to be the SSH user.
  6. Run the quit command to return to the system view.
  7. Run the ssh user user-name authentication-type rsa command to configure the RSA authentication mode for SSH login users.
  8. Run the rsa peer-public-key key-name command to enter the public key view.
  9. Run the public-key-code begin
 command to enter the public key edit view.
  10. Enter the value of key-string to set the RSA public key.
  11. Run the public-key-code end
 command to return to the RSA public key view.
  12. Run the peer-public-key end command to return to the system view.
  13. Run the ssh user user-name assign rsa-key key-name command to assign the public key to the SSH user.


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