Configuration to Manage the S-switch Through Telnet>HUAWEI-Switch

***Configuration to Manage the S-switch Through Telnet>HUAWEI-Switch***

  1. Log in to S-switch-A through the console interface.
  2. Set the device name of S-switch-1.

<Quidway> system-view

[Quidway] sysname S-switch-1

  1. Configure a management VLAN.

[S-switch-1] vlan 1

[S-switch-1-vlan1] description admin_VLAN

  1. On S-switch-1, set the type of the interface that connects S-switch-1 and S-switch-B to trunk. Add the interface to the management VLAN in trunk mode.
  2. [S-switch-1] interface GigabitEthernet 0/0/1
  3. [S-switch-1-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] undo port default vlan
  4. [S-switch-1-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] port link-type trunk
  5. [S-switch-1-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] port trunk allow-pass vlan 1
  6. [S-switch-1-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] quit
  7. Configure the management IP address of S-switch-1.

[S-switch-1] interface vlanif 1

[S-switch-1-Vlanif1] ip address

[S-switch-1-Vlanif1] quit

  1. Configure the Telnet service. Adopt the AAA authentication mode, with the user name of huawei and the password of huawei.

[S-switch-1] aaa

[S-switch-1-aaa] local-user huawei password simple huawei

[S-switch-1-aaa] local-user huawei service-type telnet

[S-switch-1-aaa] local-user huawei level 15

[S-switch-1-aaa] quit

[S-switch-1] user-interface vty 0 4

[S-switch-1-ui-vty0-4] authentication-mode aaa

[S-switch-1-ui-vty0-4] quit


  1. Verify the configuration.

***END of Configurations***

Configuration Procedure>>


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  1. Dear Sir/Madam!

    Thanks for the portal, we have Huawei OLT Product MA5600T, want to make a port 0/1/0 Access mod type could not find proper command.
    kindly support. Thanks

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