Configuration of the multicast VLAN-IPTV-HUAWEI

********Multicast VLAN-IPTV********

Add muliticast VLAN uplink

OLT(config-btv)#multicast-vlan 200


{ default<K>|leave-proxy<K>|log<K>|match<K>|mode<K>|multicast-vlan<K>|priority<K>|program<K>|report-proxy<K>|send<K>|statistic<K>|unsolicited-report<K>|uplink-port<K>|version<K> }:uplink-port

{ frameid/slotid/portid<S><Length 1-15> }:0/19/0

 Add IGMP programs match mode and IGMP programs

OLT(config-mvlan200)#igmp match

{ group<K>|mode<K> }:mode

{ disable<K>|enable<K> }:enable

OLT(config-mvlan200)#igmp program

{add<K>|delete<K>|modify<K>|rename<K>}:add { batch<K>|ip<K>|name<K> }:batch

{ ip<K> }:ip

{ ip-addr<I><X.X.X.X> }:

{ to-ip<K> }:to-ip

{ ip-addr<I><X.X.X.X> }:

{ <cr>|bandwidth<K>|hostip<K>|preview-profile<K>|priority<K>|sourceip<K> }:sourceip

{ ip-addr<I><X.X.X.X> }:

{ <cr>|bandwidth<K>|hostip<K>|preview-profile<K>|priority<K}

 Set version(by default is V3) and mode(by default is off)

OLT(config-mvlan200)#igmp mode

{ off<K>|proxy<K>|snooping<K> }:proxy

Add muliticast VLAN member

OLT(config-mvlan200)#igmp multicast-vlan

{ member<K>|quick<K> }:member

{ port<K>|service-port<K>|slot<K>|smart-vlan<K> }:service-port

{ index<U><0,32767> }:.111



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