Configuration of a GPON ONT Line Profile-HUAWEI

*********ONT line profile configuration********

The GEM index is 1, the GEM port is bound with T-CONT 1 and mapped to ETH 1 of the ONT. To add GPON ONT line profile 5, create a channel for carrying the Ethernet service, with T-CONT 1 and bound with DBA profile 12, use the QoS policy of controlling the traffic based on GEM ports, and bind the GEM port with default traffic profile 6, do as follows:

OLT(config)#ont-lineprofile gpon profile-id 5
OLT(config-gpon-lineprofile-5)#tcont 1 dba-profile-id 12
OLT(config-gpon-lineprofile-5)#qos-mode gem-car 
OLT(config-gpon-lineprofile-5)#gem add 1 eth tcont 1 gem-car 6 
OLT(config-gpon-lineprofile-5)#mapping-mode port  
OLT(config-gpon-lineprofile-5)#gem mapping 1 0 eth 1


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