Configuration of Alarms-HUAWEI

********Alarm Configuration-GPON********

Let the following configurations: The output of all alarms at level warning are shielded to the CLI terminal, the alarm jitter-proof function is enabled, the alarm jitter-proof period is set to 15s, the level of alarms with IDs 0x0a310021 and 0x2e314021 are modified to critical, and the statistical record of alarms at level critical is saved to the flash memory so that a problem can be located through the alarm statistical record. To perform these configurations, do as follows:

OLT(config)#undo alarm output alarmlevel warning
OLT(config)#alarm jitter-proof on
OLT(config)#alarm jitter-proof 15
OLT(config)#alarm alarmlevel 0x0a310021 critical
OLT(config)#alarm alarmlevel 0x2e314021 critical
OLT(config)#alarm-event statistics save