Configuration of an Advanced ACL-HUAWEI

********Advanced ACL Configuration********

The service board of the MA5600T resides in slot 1 and belongs to a VLAN, and the IP address of the VLAN L3 interface is To prohibit the ICMP (such as ping) and telnet operations from the user side to the VLAN interface on the device, do as follows:

OLT(config)#acl 3001
OLT(config-acl-basic-3001)#rule 1 deny icmp destination 0
OLT(config-acl-basic-3001)#rule 2 deny tcp destination 0 destination-port eq telnet 
OLT(config)#packet-filter inbound ip-group 3001 rule 1 port 0/1/0
OLT(config)#packet-filter inbound ip-group 3001 rule 2 port 0/1/0


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