Configuration of the DHCP Option60 Mode-HUAWEI

********DHCP Option60 Mode-GPON********

Let,  server group 2 contains two DHCP servers working in the load balancing mode, with the IP address of the primary server and the IP address of the secondary server To bind server group 2 to users whose option60 domain name is msft in VLAN 2 (with the IP address of the L3 interface, do as follows:

OLT(config)#dhcp mode layer-3 Option60
OLT(config)#dhcp-server 2 ip
OLT(config)#dhcp domain msft
OLT(config-dhcp-domain-msft)#dhcp-server 2
OLT(config)#interface vlanif 2
OLT(config-if-vlanif2)#ip address 24
OLT(config-if-vlanif2)#dhcp domain msft gateway


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