Configuring the FTTH P2P Optical Fiber Access Service (Single-Port for Single Service)-HUAWEI

Virtual Private Network
Virtual Private Network

***********************Configuration of Single port-Single Service*************************

1. Create a VLAN and add an upstream port to the VLAN. The VLAN ID is 33, and the VLAN is a smart VLAN. The upstream port is 0/19/0.

OLT(config)# vlan 33 smart
OLT(config)# port vlan 33 0/19 0

2. Configure a traffic profile.The profile ID is 10, the CIR is 100 Mbit/s, and packets are scheduled according to the priority carried.

OLT(config)# traffic table ip index 10 cir 102400 priority 5 priority-policy tag-In-Package

3. Configure a service port.Add a service port to the VLAN and use traffic profile 10.

OLT(config)# service-port vlan 33 eth 0/5/1 rx-cttr 10 tx-cttr 10

4. Save the data.

OLT(config)# save


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