Configuration of the NTP Client/Server Mode-HUAWEI

*********NTP Client/Server Mode-GPON*********

Let the following configurations: One MA5600T functions as the NTP server (IP address:, the other MA5600T (IP address of the L3 interface of VLAN 28:, gateway IP address: functions as the NTP client, the NTP client sends the clock synchronization request packet through the VLAN L3 interface to the NTP server, the NTP server responds to the request packet, and ACL rules are configured to allow only IP packets from the clock server to access the L3 interface. To perform these configurations, do as follows:

OLT(config)#vlan 2 standard
OLT(config)#port vlan 28 0/19 0
OLT(config)#interface vlanif 28
OLT(config-if-vlanif28)#ip address 24
OLT(config)#ntp-service unicast-server source-interface vlanif 2
OLT(config)#acl 3010
OLT(config-acl-adv-3010)#rule deny ip source any destination
OLT(config-acl-adv-3010)#rule permit ip source destination
OLT(config)#packet-filter inbound ip-group 3010 port 0/19/0


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