EchoLife HG850a Version upgrade instructions Through WEB-HUAWEI HG850a Version upgrade instructions HG850a Version upgrade instructions
  • Step 1 Open the Web browser and enter the local maintenance IP address of the HG850a in the address bar.
  • Step 2 Enter the administrator account telecomadmin and the password admintelecom to log in to the Web page.
  • Step 3 Choose maintain–>device from the navigation tree, and click “the Firmware tab”, as shown in the following figure.

Click “Browse” and select the upgrade file HG850aV100R001C07SPC007_all.bin on the local PC.

  • Step 4 Click “Update Firmware” and waiting for prompt.

  • Step 5 If you need upgrade uboot, We can upload the uboot file HG850aV100R001Cbin as step 3.



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