GPON VoIP Configuration-MDU side configuration

*******************Networking and Service Description*********************

Ø  The MDU obtains the IP address through static IP address.

Ø  Two phone sets are connected to POTS ports .

Ø  The MDUT is connected to the GPBC board of the MA5600T through the optical fiber.

########Configuration Procedure########

⊕ OLT side configuration

⊕ MDU side configuration

******************MDU side configuration Procedure*********************

7)Telnet to the MD

8)Configure the user VLAN,

 The VLAN ID should follow the data plan to avoid confliction.

9)Add the uplink port to the user  VLAN

The uplink port should follow the data plan to avoid confliction.

 10)Configure the VoIP media and signaling IP address

Make sure the ip address matching the data plan.

11)Add the MG interface, set the MG attribute parameters

Make sure the ip address/port number are matching the data plan.

12)Add the mgpstnuser to the MG interface

Make sure the terminal ID and telephone number are matching the data plan.

******************MDU side configuration*********************

>>Telnet to MDU

MA5600T-OLT-1(config)#telnet 172.16.         .          .

>>User name:root

>>User password: mduadmin



(1)  Create VLAN

MA5620G-MDU-32(config)# vlan 101

(2)  Add the uplink port to VLAN

MA5620G-MDU-32(config)# port vlan 101 0/0 1

(3)  Configure the Layer3 IP address of VLAN

MA5620G-MDU-32(config-if-vlanif172)# ip address 17.248.  . 8

(4)  Add the media and signaling IP address


MA5620G-MDU-32 (config-voip1)# ip address media 17.248.      .

MA5620G-MDU-32 (config-voip1)# ip address signaling17.248.           .                

(5)   Add ip route

MA5620G-MDU-32 (config)# ip route-static 24

(6)  Configure MG interface

MA5620G-MDU-32 (config)#interface h248 15

MA5620G-MDU-32 (config-if-h248-15)#if-h248 attribute mgip 17.248.   .    mgport 2944 transfer udp mgcip_1 mgcport_1 2944 mg-media-ip 17.248.     .      code text  start-negotiate-version 1

MA5620G-MDU-32 (config-if-h248-15)#reset coldstart

(7)  Add VoIP users

MA5620G-MDU-32 (config)#esl user

MA5620G-MDU-32 (configesl-user)# mgpstnuser add 0/2/1 15 terminalid 0 telno 40203500 Or add the userer in batched

MA5620G-MDU-32(configesl-user)# mgpstnuser batadd 0/2/2 0/2/24 15 terminalid 1 telno  0203501 step 1


——————Configuration is done, Now test your system—————–


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