How to Add an ONT line profile- HUAWEI

***********ONT line profile Add-GPON********

The profile ID is 45, the T-CONT ID is 1, DBA profile 10 is bound to the T-CONT, GEM port ID is 0, and the mapping mode is the VLAN mode.

OLT(config)#ont-lineprofile gpon profile-id 10

OLT(config-gpon-lineprofile-45)#tcont 1 dba-profile-id 10

OLT(config-gpon-lineprofile-45)#gem add 0 tdm tcont 1

OLT(config-gpon-lineprofile-45)#mapping-mode vlan

OLT(config-gpon-lineprofile-45)#gem mapping 0 0 e1 1






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