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****Display bind and related Commands****

Display bra port state

display bra state

BRA the Alarm the Threshold parameters 

display bra-alarm-threshold

BRA Degrade the Threshold parameters 

display bra-degrade-threshold

BRA the Define the Threshold parameters

display bra-error-the define

 Buffer occupancy the display

display buffer

Car-group is


Thresholds Car of 802.1p to priorities


CESoP-the connect command group

display CESoP-the connect

cfm command group

display cfm

 Display all the ONT traffic classification profiles

display all classification

 Display profile ID

display classification profile-id

Display profile name

display classification profile-name

Clip parameters configuration

display clip parameters

Show config of external clock output

display clock external

 Display 8K and clock work mode 19M

display clock mode

Show the SSM output mode

display clock ql

 Command-source group

display clock-source

 Display clock-source switch statement parameter

display clock switch statement

Information about the team level is changed

display command modify information

System Configuration

display config

802.1p priority queue and map

display cos-queue-map

Show information parameter of management-cpe

display management cpe-config

Showing percentage CPU utilization

display cpu

cpu-overload-control command group

display cpu-overload-control

Display current configuration

display current-configuration

Display data synchronization status

display data sync state

 All DBA profile

display dba-profile all

 DBA profile ID

display dba-profile profile -id

 DBA profile name

display the dba-profile profile-name

 aDSL service type

display the bind adsl

 Display all a binding 

display the bind all

 ATM service type

display the bind the atm

 Bind board command

display the bind board


display the bind the dynamic-profile

 LAN service type

display the bind eth

  Set by service virtual port index

display the bind service port

 sHDSL service type

display the bind shdsl

 vDSL service type

display the bind vdsl

 PRA the Threshold parameters bit

display bit-error-the define

 Display information about the board

display board

 Bonding group

display-bonding group

 Display the BPDU

display bpdu


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