⊗ VPN this technology has widely used in today network. Along with the increasingly wide application of the Internet, Virtual Private Network (VPN) emerged to construct private networks on public networks. “Virtual” here mainly indicates that VPN is a kind of logical networks.


⊕ Describe the concept of VPN and the types of VPN

⊕ Describe the protocols realized the IP VPN

 VPN Classification:

♦♦ Based on the applications:-

⊗Access VPN

⊗Intranet VPN

⊗Extranet VPN

♦♦ Based on Realization Layer :-

⊗Layer 2  VPN

⊗Layer 3  VPN

                           *****************Access VPN****************

⊗ Dial network expansion:-

◊Employees on errands

◊ Remote small office

*****************Intranet VPN****************

*****************Extranet VPN****************

Classification Based on Realization Layer:-

⇒⇒Layer 2 VPN

⇒L2TP: Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol (RFC 2661)

⇒PPTP: Point To Point Tunnel Protocol

⇒L2F: Layer 2 Forwarding

⇒⇒Layer 3 VPN

 ⇒GRE : General Routing Encapsulation 

⇒IPSEC : IP Security Protocol

Principle of VPN Design:-


⇒Tunnel and Encryption

⇒Data Authentication

⇒User Authentication

⇒Fire Wall and Attack Examination


⇒⇒Economical Efficiency



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