ONT Configuration- Alcatel-Lucent

**********ONT Configuration- Alcatel-Lucent**********

configure equipment ont interface 1/1/3/10/1 sernum ALCL:FAE3D60E voip-allowed enable fec-up enable sw-ver-pland 3FE56065AFDB44

typ:isadmin>configure>equipment>ont>interface>1/1/3/10/1$ admin-state up

configure equipment ont slot 1/1/3/10/1/1 planned-card-type ethernet plndnumdataports 1 plndnumvoiceports 0 admin-state up

configure interface port uni:1/1/3/10/1/1/1 admin-up

configure qos interface 1/1/3/10/1/1/1 upstream-queue 0 bandwidth-profile name:100MB  bandwidth-sharing uni-sharing



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