QinQ configuration- Alcatel-Lucent

*********QinQ configuration- Alcatel-Lucent*********

typ:isadmin># configure service vpls 1721 customer 1 v-vpls vlan 1721 create

typ:isadmin>configure>service>vpls# configure service vpls 1721 no  shutdown


configure vlan id stacked:1721:0 mode residential-bridge in-qos-prof-name name:niketon


configure bridge port 1/1/3/10/1/1/1 max-unicast-mac 4000

configure bridge port 1/1/3/10/1/1/1 vlan-id stacked:1721:0 tag single-tagged

configure bridge port 1/1/3/10/1/1/1 pvid stacked:1721:0


typ:isadmin>configure>service>vpls# configure service vpls  1721 sap lt:1/1/3:1721 create

typ:isadmin>configure>service>vpls>sap# configure service vpls 1721 sap nt-a:xfp:3:1721 create

typ:isadmin>configure>service>vpls>sap# exit all



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  1. Hello ,
    Your posts seem quite helpful. However i ran into an issue while trying to implement the QinQ accross two ONTS. I could not get any of the vlans encapsulated on the sub-interfaces across the two routers each on either side each connected to the ONU.
    Port 1/1/1/1/15/1/1/1
    max-unicast-mac 10
    vlan-id stacked:800:0
    tag single-tagged
    pvid stacked:800:0
    i need your help

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