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Installing SmokePing as a Slave:
* Prequisites: Fully functional SmokePing installation to act as the Master

* References:

Instructions tested on Ubuntu 8.10 Server ONLY Run all commands as root ($ sudo bash, then run all commands)

1) SLAVE Setup Instructions

Setup Smokeping
! # apt-get install smokeping
No configuration files are necessary for slave installations
Technically, you don’t need SpeedyCGI for slave installations, but you’ll get everything with – If you want to run SmokePing as a master or stand-alone installation, you will have all the files Create a file containing a password to be used as a shared secret

! # pico /etc/smokeping/slave_secret
Enter a strong password on the first line of the new file, then save the file
Note, /etc/smokeping/slave_secret will contain one word, the password, and nothing else

Set appropriate permissions on this file

! # chmod 600 /etc/smokeping/slave_secret
! # chown smokeping:root /etc/smokeping/slave_secret
Create the cache directory and set appropriate persmissions
! # mkdir /var/smokeping
! # chown smokeping:root /var/smokeping

Modify the init.d Daemon script so /etc/init.d/smokeping start | stop | restart works
! # pico /etc/init.d/smokeping
Change “MODE=master” to “MODE=slave”
Change DAEMON_ARGS=”” to “DAEMON_ARGS=”–master-url=http://<master_IP>/<path to smokeping.cgi>” Restart SmokePing
! # /etc/init.d/smokeping restart

2) MASTER Setup Instructions
Create a file containing the password to be used as a shared secret
! # pico /etc/smokeping/master_secrets
⇒ Enter the hostname (hostname only, not fully qualified domain name) followed by a colon, followed The password should match what you created on your slave SmokePing installation in /etc/smokeping/The hostname is the name of the host running the slave installation of SmokePing

If you have multiple slaves, put the hostname:password combinations on separate lines
Example: myhostname:mypassword

Set appropriate permisssions on this file

# chmod 640 /etc/smokeping/master_secrets
! # chown www-data:root /etc/smokeping/master_secrets
Modify the SmokePing Slaves configuration file
! # pico /etc/smokeping/config.d/Slaves
This file should be as follows, but replace ‘myhostname’ with the hostname of your slave SmokePing The display_name can be whatever you wish but should be descriptive of where the slave is located
If you have multiple slaves, put in additional +myhostname, display_name, and color lines
*** Slaves ***
## make sure this is not world-readable!
Modify the SmokePint Targets configuration file
! # pico /etc/smokeping/config.d/Targets
Add the following line under the *** Targets *** title, replacing myhostname with the name of If you have multiple slaves, put them all on one line separate by spaces
slaves = myhostname
Restart SmokePing
! # /etc/init.d/smokeping stop
! # /etc/init.d/smokeping start

                                                               ***END of Configuration***

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