SNMP Principle-MIB Introduction


⇒Management Information Base

⊗MIB is a set of objects to be managed, and it defines a series of attributes of managed objects:

√Object IDentifier

√Access permission of object

√Data type of object

⊗Structure of Management Information stipulates how to organize and defines the managed objects

√SMIv2 (RFC2578)

√SMIv1  (RFC 1155)

⇒MIB Structure

⊗MIB is saved as a tree structure

√The nodes of the tree represent for the managed target, and they can be identified by a path from the root: OID

MIB Structure
Figure: MIB Structure


⊗ It is a unique symbol for object in MIB

√OID allocation scheme ensures that OID will not have collision

⊗ OID is composed of a series of integers, indicating the position of nodes in MIB

⊗ Once MIB is issued, OID will be bound to the defined object

√MIB nodes cannot be removed, and you can set the state to “obsolete”

√It is not recommended to change the MIB nodes repeatedly

MIB Example⇒

MIB Example
Figure: MIB Example


Object ID = 1.1

Object Instance = 1.1.0

Value of Instance =


Object ID = 1.2.1

Object Instance =

Value of Instance = printer-1

Figure: MIB



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