SNMP Principle-Network Management Architecture

SNMP-based Network Management Model
SNMP-based Network Management Model

⇒Challenges for Network Management

⊕Fast development and widespread application of network and distributed processing system

√The network and related resources, and the distributed applications have become important increasingly

−For instance: Clearcase, Notes, Mail

−Robust, with 7X24 hours services

√The network is complicated increasingly, and supports more and more applications and users

−Weak for problems, and easy to fail

⊕Network management have become an important part of network solution

√Lowest cost: human resources, devices, and capitals

√More intelligent network management services

⇒Network Management Status

⊗In a large network, we cannot finish the network management manually only

√We are in urgent need of automatic tool to assist network management better

√Devices and resources to be managed are likely to come from different vendors

−If each vendor provides independent management interface

−For example, Command Line Interface

−The cost for learning the tools of different vendors will increase dramatically

−However, the private configuration management tools are the restrictions

⊗A set of standards covering service, protocol and MIB emerge, and they are widely used

√Simple Network Management Protocol

⇒SNMP-based Network Management Model

SNMP-based Network Management Model
Figure: SNMP-based Network Management Model

⊗Network Management Station

√It is often an independent device running network management application

-It provides a friendly human-machine interface, and the administrator can use it to finish all network management work

-It provides expiration management, accounting management, configuration management and performance management


√Agent resides in the device to be managed

-It is responsible to receive and process request packets from network management station, and form response packet and send them to NMS

−Request includes: information query and execution of actions

√It can inform the emergency to NMS (by sending TRAP packet)

−Such as the interface state is changed, and the calling succeeds

√NMS and Agent use SNMP to exchange management information

⊗Network Management Protocol-SNMP

√It is an application layer protocol based on TCP/IP network, and is used to exchange the network management information between network management station and the managed devices

-SNMPv2 can be used on multiple transmission protocols such as IPX and DDP

√Huawei-3com VRP supports the following three protocol versions:




√The following parts will explain the protocols in details.

⊗Management Information Base

√Any resource to be managed is regarded as one object, named managed object

√MIB is a set of objects to be managed

√Agent will maintain a MIB

√The objects in MIB can be read and written or set

Management Information Base
Figure: Management Information Base


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