Traffic Mirroring Configuration file in ZTE OLT-ZTE

Traffic Mirroring
Traffic Mirroring

******Configuration Start******

  Configuring traffic mirroring on uplink port: 0/11/1

Mirror port: 0/11/2

Mirror traffic: packets from source IP address: 

OLT-1(config)#acl standard number 10

OLT-1(config-std-acl)#rule 1 permit

OLT-1(config-std-acl)#rule 2 permit

OLT-1(config-std-acl)#rule 3 permit any


OLT-1(config)#traffic-mirror in 10 rule-id 2 interface gei_0/11/2

OLT-1(config)#interface gei_0/11/1

OLT-1(config-if)#ip access-group 10 in

 ***END of Configurations***

Configuration Procedure>>


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