Uplink-aggregation in HUAWEI OLT-HUAWEI

Access VPN
Access VPN

*******Uplink aggregation in HUAWEI OLT*********

  • Configure GICF/GICG or ETHB uplink aggregation in manual mode

OLT(config)#link-aggregation 0/19 0,1 egress-ingress

  • Query the link-aggregation configuration

OLT(config)#display link-aggregation all

  • Delete the link-aggregation configuration

OLT(config)#undo link-aggregation

  • Configure GICF/GICG or ETHB uplink LACP in static mode

Step1 configure uplink-aggregation

OLT(config)#link-aggregation 0/19 0 0/19 1 egress-ingress

workmode lacp-static

Step2 Configure protect-group


OLT(config-protect)#protect-group first 0/19/0 second 0/19/1 eth

workmode timedelay enable

  • Query the configuration of static LACP configuration

OLT(config)#display link-aggregation all



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