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***User Levels Setting***

In the case of non-authentication or password authentication mode, the user logging in to the S-switch can use the commands of which the levels are determined by the user interface level. By default, the CON user interface is at level 3. That is, the users that log in to the S-switch through the console interface are at level 3, and the users that log in to the S-switch through other interfaces are at level 0.

If users that log in to the S-switch are at a lower level, they can use the password set in Step 5 to switch to a higher level.


  1. Run the system-view command to enter the system view.
  2. Run the user-interface { ui-number | vty first-number [ last-number ] } command to enter the VTY user interface view.
  3. Run the user privilege level level command to set the level of the commands that users logging in through the current user interface can use.
  4. Run the quit command to return to the system view.
  5. Run the super password [ level user-level ] { simple | cipher } password command to set the password for switching the user level.


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