ZTE ONU Register in ZXA10 C220 OLT-ZTE

***ZTE ONU Register in ZXA10 C220 OLT***

Please make sure that the network device works normally.

Please make sure that the VLAN is configured properly on uplink equipment.

Please make sure that the GPON card works normally.

Please log in to the ZXA10 C220 through Console or Telnet.

*****Configuration Notes*****

Service VLAN:

VLAN ID: 100

Priority: 1

 Uplink port: 0/14/1

GPON port: 0/5/1

Bandwidth profile:

Profile name: T1–50M

Bandwidth type: Maximum (Type 4)

Bandwidth: 50 Mbps



ONU type: F621

ONU SN: ZTE_06120664


T-CONT index: 1

T-CONT name: Tcont50M

Bandwidth profile: T1–50M

Alloc ID: Auto-allocate

GEM port:

T-CONT index: 1

GEM Port index: 1

GEM Port nameGemport1

Port ID: Auto-allocate

ONU unicast service connection:

GEM port name: Gemport1

UNI: eth_0/1

Bridge: 0/1

Uplink interface: 0/1/1

Connection type: 802.1p + bridge

Priority List:

Priority-1: data service

Priority-5: IPTV service

Priority-7: VoIP service

Priority-7: CES service

****Configuration Procedure**** 

Step-1. Register ONU:

  1. Query unconfigured ONU on the GPON-OLT port.
  2. Enter the GPON-OLT interface configuration mode.
  3. Register ONU.
  4. Query ONU state.

Step-2. Configure bandwidth profile.

A bandwidth profile defines upstream bandwidth of a T-CONT.

  1. Enter the GPON configuration mode.
  2. Configure bandwidth profile.

Step-3. Configure T-CONT and GEM port.

T-CONT (Transmission Container) is the minimum unit of upstream bandwidth scheduling which is identified by Alloc ID. GEM port is the minimum unit of downstream traffic which is identified by port ID.

  1. Enter the GPON-ONU interface configuration mode.
  2. Create T-CONT.
  3. Create GEM port.

Step-4. Configure VLAN service port.

  1. Enter the GPON-ONU interface configuration mode.
  2. Configure port mode to hybrid.


By default, one V-port corresponds to one GEM port.

3.  Add port to service VLAN in tag mode.

Note: When a port is added to a VLAN, the VLAN is added automatically.

Step-5. Configure VLAN uplink port.

  1. Enter the OLT uplink port configuration mode.
  2. Configure uplink port mode to hybrid.
  3. Add uplink port to service VLAN in tag mode.

Step-6. Configure ONU unicast service connection.

  1. Enter the ONU remote management mode.
  2. Configure the map between GEM port and uplink interface.
  3.  Bind the UNI to bridge interface.
  4. Configure UNI VLAN and priority.
  5. Configure VLAN filter mode on UNI.
  6. Configure VLAN filter entry on UNI.
  7.  Configure VLAN filter mode on uplink interface.
  8.  Configure VLAN filter entry on uplink interface.

Step-7. Save configuration data.

Configuration File>>



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